Online Falconry Stores

Western Sporting has one of the largest varieties of falconry equipment, books, clothing and training supplies of any online vendor out there.  They are based in Wyoming and run by David Frank, a long time falconer and raptor specialist.

Mike's Falconry is a family owned and run business that has been in operation over 25 years.  They have a wide variety of falconry equipment, dog training and pigeon supplies.

A pacific northwest store selling quality equipment tested by the owners.  They also offer falconry supplies like frozen quail.

Pineo Falconry has a smaller selection but only sells the highest quality falconry gear and furniture available.

Telemetry Suppliers

Marshall is known for premium wide range of products built to last including a GPS version capable of logging flight data.

Merlin is known for quality products in a smaller package.  Great for micro birds like kestrels and aplomados.

LL Electronics sells transmitters and receivers but is well known for having one of the more affordable receivers on the market.

Com-Spec sells just receivers but it is one of the most popular models used by falconers.

Falconry Food

Your first season as a falconer might not exactly fill your freezer.  Stock up on quail from Arizonas premiere raptor food supplier.

Does your bird prefer fur over feathers? Rodent Pro has you covered with bulk rats, mice and rabbits.

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