This is just a short beginner's list. There are many wonderful falconry publications available. Please bear in mind when reading books by authors from foreign countries, or books that are 25 years old or older, that statements about getting started in falconry may be inaccurate in the United States at present. Most of these are available from any of the falconry equipment vendors or from the authors' websites. 

THE RED TAIL HAWK By Liam J. McGranaghan

This new 2015, 5th edition of The Red-tailed Hawk continues the familiar style of previous editions but continues to evolve by making additional improvements. The book is now full color, adds 40 new photographs and provides additional information. For the apprentice wanting to get started or master falconer looking to get back to their roots, this book can make it happen.

A complete guide to training and hunting North America’s most versatile game hawk. 2015 ( 5th edition). Long awaited this newly revised edition comes with lots more new and up dated information about training and hunting with the Red tail hawk. Beautiful all color pictures abound in this wonderful book. If you are about to get your first Red-tail Hawk, this is the book for you. This is the most comprehensive book done about the Red-tail hawks to date. A must have book for all the new apprentice falconers or anyone who loves Red tail hawks.

Apprenticeship Manual - California Hawking Club, Important for Apprentices

A Starter Guide for the Prospective Falconer. Includes basic principles, plain and simple. This booklet has the information on which the questions in the companion Apprentice Study Guide are based. Every aspect of the nuts and bolts of falconry is here, including photographs of all the equipment needed, with full descriptions of each item and its use in falconry. This is a must-have for each and every beginner. Includes an essential reading list and suppliers in the U.S.A.

Apprentice Study Guide - California Hawking Club - Essential For Apprentices

Essential Apprentice Pre-Test Material that applies to all states. The California Hawking Club carefully produced this indispensable study guide for beginning falconers, which includes review questions (self-exams) and comprehensively covers Raptors (General, Hunting and Falconry Techniques), Keeping Hawks (Care and Maintenance, Equipment, Health), Training and Hunting (Training; Hunting, Game and Quarry; Terms and Phrases). Also included are Regulations, Laws and Administration, Glossary and References. The most important pretest falconry book.

The Falconer's Apprentice by William C. Oakes

A Guide to Training the Passage Red-tailed Hawk: All aspects of training and care. A great help to the aspiring falconer, this book is packed with information that focuses on the first bird most falconers acquire. A must-have for the beginner! Contents: Falconry, Pre-Trapping Preparations, Traps & Trapping, Post-Trapping Treatment, Manning, Feeding, Flying, Game & Game Treatment, Hunting, Conditioning & Diet, Transportation, Off Season, Release or Hacking Back, and Epilogue. Appendices: Code of Conduct for Apprentices, Code of Conduct for Sponsors, Recommended Falconry Books, North American Falconer's Association, and Index.

American Kestrels In Modern Falconry by Matthew Mullenix

This extensive work represents a nuts-and-bolts approach to training and flying kestrels. There are many new illustrations and the text has been revised and updated. A must-have for all apprentices and others who wish to know more about the intricacies of maintaining and flying a small raptor such as the American Kestrel. Contents: Introduction, A Brief Natural History, Use in Falconry, Choice of a Bird, Trapping the Passager, Manning & Training, Equipment, Weathering, Entering, Weight Control, Diet, Methods of Hunting, Carrying, Exercise & Conditioning, Hawking Year-Round, Accident & Illness, Signs of Health, and The Future. Appendices: Referenced Works, The Birds, A Kestrel's First Month, Dispositions Table, Weight Control & Behavior Chart, and Hood Patterns.

A Falconry Manual by Frank Beebe

A Falconry Manual is a comprehensive, extensively updated version of his out of print book- Hawks, Falcons and Falconry (Hancock House 1976) and The Compleat Falconer (Hancock House 1992).Drawing on over 50 years of field experience and research, Beebe presents an exhaustive summary of the behavior, capture, and training of the-birds-of-prey. It was Beebe's field studies and practical experience that led to his pioneering successes in breeding captive falcons in the early 1960s. His artistic talents not only contribute to the concise illustrations on how to capture and train birds but how to easily make all falconry hardware.One of the all-time best books for new Apprentices to learn about training a new hawk or falcon and one of the best selling falconry books ever produced.

The Harris' Hawk Revolution by Jennifer and Tom Coulson

Harris's Hawks have a reputation for being easy to train, but these highly intelligent, social raptors can be anything but easy. Traditional falconry training approaches are often not suitable and can result in serious behavioral problems. The authors stress the importance of socialization throughout the Harris's Hawk's life. Their training philosophy begins with the selective breeding of the hawk, parent rearing, and an appropriate period of socialization time with parents and sibling prior to training. The concept of the optimum age-window of opportunity to begin a hawk's training is also paramount to their training philosophy. This book goes into great detail on how the training and husbandry needs differ markedly for passage versus captive-bred Harris's Hawks. Those who have already mastered the art of training a Harris's Hawk will find many benefits to owning this book. 

Trapping Essentials by Ben Woodruff

This well-illustrated book on trapping is aimed at all levels of falconry, as well as the biologist and researcher. No longer are these traps and methods a secret! The book is divided into 12 chapters covering all aspects of trapping hawks. 

"This American book is plainly written so that anyone can easily understand the concepts. The overall design is topically oriented in a comprehensive manner covering eleven well thought out chapters on the subject matter and a twelfth chapter of humorous or interesting related stories. It contributes many innovative designs and techniques of trapping that take it a notch above simply being 'a collection of trap designs.'" -Mike McDermott, American Falconry Magazine

Falconry Equipment by B.A. Kimsey & J. Hodge

A wealth of necessary information dwells in this well-written how-to-make-it book on equipment. It upholds the notion that one should fully understand the form and function of all equipment and be able to craft as much as possible oneself.

New 2nd edition contains a large variety of additional information, illustrations and photos. Chapters: Preface, Anklets, Jesses, Leashes, and Swivels; Bags and Vests; Bells; Hoods; Lures; Mews; Miscellaneous; Perches; Telemetry; Training Equipment; Traveling; Weathering Areas.

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