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Please consider joining and supporting our association.  We work hard to provide educational resources to the public and interact with AZGFD on behalf of the AZ falconry community.  Your contribution pays for this website and allows us to host future events.

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Welcome to the Arizona Falconers Association!

Falconry is the art and sport of taking wild quarry with a trained bird of prey. A small number of dedicated individuals here in Arizona practice this craft on a regular basis. We invite you to browse our website and learn more about the magic of Falconry. 

Mission Statement

The purpose of  the Arizona Falconers Association is to provide communication and interaction  among interested members; to promote the ethical and legal pursuit of falconry  as a recognized field sport; to promote the use of sound biological principles  and information in the management of raptor populations and falconry; and to  encourage programs of public education, scientific study and habitat  conservation which advance the welfare of falconry and birds of prey.

How Do I Become A Falconer?

Great question! We all asked it at first.  We have written a series of articles that covers all the first steps necessary in order to join our ranks.  

So You Want To Be A Falconer?

Congratulations! You've done the hard part. You found us. We weren't hiding, but there are so few of us that we're just not easy to locate. You've started a process that can be tedious and time consuming, but will never be very difficult, and the result will be far more rewarding and satisfying than any non-falconer will ever believe...Continue Reading

Getting Started

Almost all apprentices get involved as absolute beginners with no prior knowledge of the art and sport of falconry. This page is designed to help you get from newbie to reasonably knowledgeable apprentice falconer...Continue Reading

Regulations Info

Regulations are never easy to understand.  Falconry regulations specifically vary wildly from state to state and part of being a falconer is understanding how to navigate them.  We have provided a resource to help you with that as best we can...Continue Reading

Recommended Reading

This is just a short beginner's list. There are many wonderful falconry publications available. Please bear in mind when reading books by authors from foreign countries, or books that are 25 years old or older, that statements about getting started in falconry may be inaccurate in the United States at present. Most of these are available from any of the falconry equipment vendors or from the authors' websites...Continue Reading

Recommended Vendors

Falconry can be an expensive hobby.  It is better to "Wince Once" and get yourself quality gear that will last as long as possible.  While there are much cheaper options available, trust us you will end up wishing you bought from one of the following companies...Continue Reading

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